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Self Defense Armory

SDA Ballistic Sunglasses - ACU Digital w/Pouch

$13.99 -- High Velocity Impact Rated - Clear or Tinted Lenses

Purchase SDA Ballistic Sunglasses - ACU Digital w/Pouch

SDA Ballistic Sunglasses - ACU Digital w/Pouch Enter quantity, select clear or tinted from the drop down menu above, then add to cart. If you wish to purchase both, repeat the step for the second pair or see the link at the bottom of this page for our 2 pair special and save some money. INCLUDED: FREE SHIPPING, FREE STORAGE POUCH/CLEANING CLOTH, AND DELUXE BLACK WOVEN LEASH. High quality ballistic impact protection doesn't have to cost a small fortune or look cheap. We finally have the newest version of SDA ballistic sunglasses in stock. The picture doesn't show it, but the newest version temple ends are slimmer with a rubber insert for maximum retention. We don't carry the old ACU version, so you're guaranteed to get the latest model. The latest composite engineering polymer frame is unbelievably tough. The manufacturer made a video driving over a pair SDA Ballistics with a forklift wheel and the result was, well let's just say amazing. Nothing happened. The gentleman jumped off the forklift and put them on, and yes they were still in one piece with the lenses still in the frame undamaged. And in case you were wondering, the tires were solid rubber, not inflatable tires to spread the weight. These are one tough set of sunglasses. But tough doesn't mean bulky, heavy or uncomfortable. This is where SDA Ballistic Sunglasses beats the competition hands down. They weigh in at a mere 1 ounce, making them just about the lightest ballistic combat sunglasses we carry. They are extraordinarily comfortable for continuous wear and you won't stick out like a sore thumb in your ACUs, because the frame is a matte non-glossy finish. The lenses are 2.2 mm thick ballistic polycarbonate that meet full Z87+ high velocity impact specifications. That includes firing a high speed steel projectile in excess of 100 MPH into the lenses with no penetration and full lens to frame retention. The lenses protect your eyes from UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays as well. We include an ACU storage bag with draw strings that doubles as a cleaning cloth, a $3.00 value at no cost. Just turn it inside out and the inner separate lining is perfect for keeping your lenses clean. And when you're wearing your SDA Ballistic Sunglasses, just fold the pouch up and stick it in a pocket. No more trying to figure out where to put a bulky case. But, if you need a rigid tactical case for additional protection of your eyewear, we have an optional case listed at the bottom of this page. The modern wrap-around styling sits close to the face to minimize wind and dust intrusion. We think you will find this to be the best bargain in protective ballistic eye wear... period! There is nothing else out there that comes close. This is a great package at a great price that won't break the bank. The SDA Ballistic model is well built, extremely tough, priced right, and offers advanced ballistic protection. If you manage to destroy them, the replacement cost is less than lenses alone from other manufacturers. And, to top it all off, they just look good too. The price you see is the price delivered to your door. There are no shipping charges or handling fees.

Purchase SDA Ballistic Sunglasses - ACU Digital w/Pouch

  • Part Number: Herc

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