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Self Defense Armory

Spear Combat Goggle w/Clear & Smoke Lenses & Rx Insert

$99.99 -- All New! Filtered Venting to Keep Dust Out, Lenses Fog-Free

Purchase Spear Combat Goggle w/Clear & Smoke Lenses & Rx Insert

Spear Combat Goggle w/Clear & Smoke Lenses & Rx Insert This version comes with an Rx prescription insert that can be taken to your local eyeglass maker to fill your prescription. While other models like the SG-1 or JP-2 series requires specialized skills to produce lenses, anyone who manufacturers prescription lenses can handle the SP28 insert easily. Make sure you specify CR39 as the material for the lenses since the insert snaps in and sits behind a polycarbonate protective shield. CR39 will prevent distortion when viewing through the main shield.

If you prefer, we can manufacture your SP28 prescription lenses. Just go to the bottom of this page and click on the SP28 Prescription goggle package. The SP28 will handle upwards to plus or minus 11.00 sphere and cylinder requirements making it ideal for higher level prescriptions that cannot be handled by other models.

Very compact, almost pocket sized, the Wiley X Spear will go down as one of the combat/law enforcement eyewear industry's most innovative products for 2007. Here's why:

Comes with two interchangeable 2.5 millimeter thick ballistic polycarbonate lenses that meet MIL-V-43511C ballistic protection as well as ANSI high velocity and tough European CE-EN 166 requirements.

Generously vented with filters to keep dust to a minimum. To clear the dust from the filters, simple shake it out or wash it off under tap water.

The retention strap can be worn over or under all military issue helmets and fits under low brow helmets.

The design is fully NVG compatible.

Includes a compact belt case, 1 smoke/gray daytime lens, 1 clear night lens and wide elastic retention strap.

The Spear is the latest addition to the legendary Wiley X lineup. It is designed specifically for dusty desert environments.

This is an exceptionally hot looking design. You may not be able to discern it in the picture, but this isn't your Dad's desert goggles permanently glued to the top of the helmet. These are good looking, highly functional, and built like a brick with a very comfortable fully integrated and permanent soft rubber gasket. You'll find that wearing them for hours on end is not the least bit uncomfortable. That's important if you need maximum eye protection at all times.

Shipping is FREE to U.S. and APO/FPO addresses. There are no surprise fees or handling charges. The price you see is the price delivered to your door.

Purchase Spear Combat Goggle w/Clear & Smoke Lenses & Rx Insert

  • Part Number: SP-28RX

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