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SG-1-M71 Std. Military/Tactical Pkg


Purchase SG-1-M71 Std. Military/Tactical Pkg


If you need the SG-1 with prescription lenses installed, please click the link at the top of this page STEP ONE or STEP TWO to order. This page is for non-prescription SG-1 combat goggles.

The standard military goggle of tactical law enforcement and U.S. military forces stationed worldwide. Comes with two sets of interchangeable lenses, one tinted in smoke/green for daytime ops and one set of clear for night ops. Also included is a set of removable temples with leash to wear as sunglasses, goggle straps, case, and cleaning cloth.

The SG-1 series lenses are encased in carriers that swap in and out of the frame. There are no raw edged lenses to snap into a frame. The latest version of the SG-1 series models have additional venting in the lens carriers to minimize lens fogging. Lenses provide full UVA/UVB ultra-violet ray protection. Lenses include Durafoam closed cell gaskets to keep dust and wind from entering. Durafoam does not absorb moisture.

When wearing as sunglasses the adjustable leash should be attached to the temple arms then adjusted for a snug fit at all times. The leash keeps the SG-1 model intact regardless of conditions and provides for a proper fit for protection from wind and dust. The leash is designed to prevent the SG-1 from inadvertent loss caused by IED/RPG concussion blasts. The frame is manufactured from a highly durable nylon with a flex point at the nose piece that conforms to all head sizes and shapes. If full goggle mode is preferred, remove the temple arms and install the included goggle strap.

The SG-1 has gained a reputation in Middle East operations as not only a necessity for desert warfare and dust protection, but as a lifesaver for protecting eyes from IED and RPG shrapnel damage. What was once considered an optional piece of equipment relegated to dust protection for armor and transportation units, is now required equipment for all personnel in combat zones.

Exceeds all Military Specifications for ballistic protection including the latest standard MIL PRF 31013 Ballistic Requirements. Anti-fog coated lenses provides 100% UV ultraviolet ray protection.

If you need maximum protection, purchase the Wiley X SG-1 the eye wear that set the standard in ballistic combat protection.

Purchase SG-1-M71 Std. Military/Tactical Pkg

  • Part Number: SG-1-M71

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