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Randolph Aviators - 23K Gold, Gray Lenses w/Repair Kit

$129.00 -- Standard Issue to US Military Pilots and NASA Astronauts - Free Shipping.

Purchase Randolph Aviators - 23K Gold, Gray Lenses w/Repair Kit


Randolph Engineering's Aviators have been standard issue to United States Military Pilots and NASA astronauts for over a quarter century. "Ever wonder what sunglasses the Navy's Blue Angels or USAF Thunderbird precision flying teams wear? You've seen them on Army aviators, Navy fliers, Air Force pilots and the honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C. The sole contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense is Randolph Engineering. The model they wear is this one. It's not a replica, not some civilian version of a military sunglass. This is the real thing. All Randolph models are produced to exceed Mil-Spec Standards Mil-S-25948 and come off the same manufacturing line, using the same parts. And, this model also includes a military repair kit with a screwdriver, extra screws and nose pads. That's because you're going to own these glasses for a very long time. The repair kit keeps them tuned up and in good order five, ten or twenty years down the road.

They have seen combat duty in Vietnam, Kosovo, Desert Storm, and are currently in use in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. So coveted by military pilots worldwide, Randolph Engineering Aviators are standard issue to air forces of Australia, Belgium, Israel, Jordan, and South Africa among others.

Randolph's emphasis on quality of materials and precision manufacturing are the principle reasons that Randolph has been the prime supplier of sunglasses to the United States armed forces since 1982.

Randolph Aviator lenses are produced from tempered glass and meet or exceed Z80.3-1996 requirements. They block in excess of 96.5% UVA and 100% UVB ultra-violet rays. Neutral Slate Grey is the standard issue lens tint for military pilots and NASA astronauts. The frame is plated in 23K gold for durability. Protective case included.
Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

Because of precision construction, Randolph Aviators come in three sizes for proper fit. Lenses and frames are sized according to head size. The larger the head size, the larger the frame and lenses for a perfect proportional fit and proper coverage. See sizing chart below.

It's no wonder that Randolph Aviators are the preferred choice of commercial and civilian pilots as well. And, because we are a factory authorized retailer for Randolph Engineering, you'll get the full one year factory warranty and lifetime warranty for solder joint defects.

So what makes Randolph Aviators worth the price? You'll see it the moment you pull them out of the box. The 23K gold plating is the first thing you'll notice followed by the quality construction. These are not wimpy with weak hinges and wiggly arms. The finish is highly polished to a mirror-like sheen. Then you'll see the small RE logo on the upper left hand lens and under the clear temple tips on the right side. Very nice touch. Next, when you put them on, they'll be surprisingly light because of the larger and very soft self-adjusting nose bridge pads that spread the weight across a larger area. They feel very comfortable. Finally, when you look in the mirror, they won't be crooked on your face requiring the obligatory tweaking and bending so common with inexpensive wireframe sunglasses. No, you won't pay the high price of other brand names, but frankly, you don't need to. Others brands may have big names, but only one is the official issue sunglass of fliers in the United States Air Force, Navy, Marines and Army, and it's Randolph Engineering. The others are just living in the past.

The price for Randolph Aviators are the total delivered price. Others may have a slightly lower price, but they will charge an additional $6.00 to $9.00 OR MORE for shipping and handling fees. There are no surprise charges from SDA. The price you see is the delivered price to U.S. and APO/FPO military addresses. We are sorry, but we cannot ship this item outside the United States to civilian international addresses.


Measure an existing frame by placing it on a ruler and note the width at the widest point where the temples attach. The chart below are the measurements of the Aviator for a guide.

If you don't have a frame to go by:

Holding a ruler over your eyes easily does this measurement. Using a mirror, or have someone helping, line up the end of the ruler with one temple and then measure to the opposite temple. The reading will give you a good idea of which size frame is right for you using the "Frame Size" column from the chart below.

Lens Size
Frame Size
135mm (5.3")
140mm (5.5")
150mm (5.9")

Purchase Randolph Aviators - 23K Gold, Gray Lenses w/Repair Kit

  • Select Frame Size: SIZE NOT SELECTED; 52mm - Small Size - AF21611; 55mm - Medium Size - AF51611; 58mm - Large Size - AF81611

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