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Self Defense Armory

Orient Military - Titanium, Automatic, Black Dial

$205.00 $119.00 -- Free Shipping to U.S. and APO/FPO Addresses

Purchase Orient Military - Titanium, Automatic, Black Dial

Orient Military - Titanium, Automatic, Black Dial orienttempl BEWARE OF FRAUD: Only watches purchased from USA-certified dealers are covered by the Orient Watch's International warranty, as well as by an after-sale service that matches the brand's demanding standards.

Orient Watch Company of Japan has been engineering and building watches since 1950. Long considered one of the Japanese "Big Three" watchmakers along with Citizen and Seiko, they have been quietly going about their business of building brand loyalty by producing quality watches for the European and Asian markets. In some countries they are considered the "Seiko" of the watch world and highly sought after as collectable timepieces.

When Orient went about the business of designing a military watch, they threw out all design concepts that are common today. They could have easily done what everyone else has been doing by taking a traditional dive watch and calling it a "tactical or combat" watch. Instead, the engineers at Orient took a different approach and came up with a completely different design based on the needs of military personnel and military aviators.

The criteria was simple. Keep it cost effective. Design a watch that is lightweight with a large dial that's easy to read. Use Orient's extensive experience in self-winding automatic watch technology so no batteries are used to power the watch. The case thickness needed to be thin enough so the watch will fit under a long sleeve shirt. Include functions on the watch that military personnel need, then finish the watch so that it looks good and not out of place when wearing battle fatigues or dress blues.

They chose titanium as the material for the case, case back, bezel, stems and band. It's very lightweight, cutting the weight of traditional stainless steel watch almost in half. While other manufacturers of titanium watches will mix metals finishing certain parts to look like titanium, Orient engineers went an extra step to produce the entire watch out of titanium. Instead of a rotating bezel that reduces the size of the watch dial and clogs up with dirt and sand, they chose to install an internal bezel that is operated by the lower stem that sits at 4 o'clock. Instead of traditional 1 through 12 numbers for time on the dial, they assumed everyone knew traditional time which makes complete sense, so they chose to display 13 through 24 for true 24 hour military time. Instead of a stainless steel band finished to look like titanium, they produced the band out of 100% rolled titanium to keep the overall weight down further.

Orient MilitaryThen the engineers went about the effort to determine the finish. Most manufacturers of titanium watches leave a rough unfinished dull matte look to the titanium. Orient decided that a titanium watch should have a low-luster non-reflective finish so they took the extra step of adding a satin finish to the case and watch band. Then they machined knurled (checkered) the main stem at 3 o'clock and the stem at 4 o'clock. Then they checkered the bezel. The checkered stems are purely for function and ease of use. The checkered bezel is purely for design continuity.

The watch case is approximately a half to 1 mm less diameter than a normal dive watch like a Luminox or Smith & Wesson, but the watch face covers over 90% of the diameter due to the slim design of the bezel. So if you have a little difficulty picking up the time without reading glasses, this is far easier to read. The diameter is 1 5/8" across. And, the case thickness is far less than most automatics, which are frankly just too fat. This is a relatively slim design at 10.5 millimeters, slimmer than a lot of quartz watches including most dive watch style tactical watches.

The military model contains a full 21 jewel, 6 beat per second automatic watch engine. It's the same watch engine that resides in a number of their limited edition high-end watches so you know you're getting a quality timepiece. Orient has received worldwide acclaim for the quality of the their shock-mounted movements and are known as one of a handful of high quality mechanical movement manufacturers in the world.

- Movement: 21 Jewels Orient Japan Automatic Movement
- Sweep Second Hand
- Power Source: Automatic Winding
- Case: Titanium
- Bracelet: Titanium Roll
- Caseback: Titanium
- Water Resistant: 100ft
- Weight: 3.70 OZ.
- Case diameter: 43.5mm
- Gift Box: Orient Premium Gift Box
- Color: White Dial

- Mechanical Watch with Automatic Winding Kinetic Mechanism.
- Internal Twenty One Japanese Jewels Automatic Movement
- Oscillation Frequency: "21,600 oscillations per hour (6 beats per sec)"
- Shock-proof Bearings
- Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
- Rotating Slide Rule Calculations
- Multiplication and Division
- Currency Conversion
- Distance Conversion in nautical, statute miles and kilometers.
- Luminous Hands and Markers
- Date and Day Calendar which can be set in English or Spanish

You will receive Orient's full worldwide 1 year factory warranty. It doesn't matter where you're located. Just keep your receipt and the warranty booklet which lists Orient's warranty repair stations located throughout Europe, Middle East, Russia, Far East and the US. Orient is located worldwide.

What separates Orient from other manufacturers is their attention to details in the design. They could have left the titanium in its natural finish, instead they chose to take an extra step to finish it in satin. They put a double locking clasp on the band for security. The small attention to details like the Orient crest on the clasp is typical of their workmanship. The fact that it is produced from 100% titanium when they could have cut corners is typical of their "do it right" attitude. The checkering of the stems and bezel is another example of putting value and world-class workmanship into a watch that other manufacturers wouldn't tackle. Titanium is much harder than stainless steel and very difficult to machine without tearing the work, but to machine knurl or checker titanium parts is an extra step that no one else would have bothered adding to the design. Instead of links on the band being pinned together, they chose to use rolled titanium and a slotting system to connect the links.
They could have used a lower cost less accurate automatic self-winding engine, instead they chose to install their high-end 21 jewel movement. Again, and we can't say it enough, at $119.99 this watch is frankly one of the world's best watch bargains. Most titanium quartz watches will cost almost double!

The price of $119.99 is the DELIVERED price to your door or military mail room including APO/FPO addresses. There are no surprise charges, handling fees or credit card processing fees to jack up the price. You won't get nailed with shipping charges that can be as high as $30.00 from other retailers. We don't play those games. We do charge a nominal shipping charge to civilian international addresses outside of the U.S. See below.

And, as usual, you have our iron-clad guarantee. If you pull it out of the box and it doesn't hit you right, put it back in the box and ship it back to us within thirty days and we will refund your order no questions asked. As long as it has not been worn or damaged and all the packaging and accessory items including tags, warranty card and other items received are intact as they were received by you, there is absolutely no risk on your part. And, during the Christmas holiday season, you have until January 31 to return it.

So, break from the pack of 'me too' designs of military watches. This is truly a military watch that is tough enough for the battle field and looks good in ACU or desert camo, but looks elegant and right at home in a suit and tie or dress blues. It is one of the very few combat watches that can be worn in any environment, in any form of dress, from the most informal to formal and never looks out of place. It is a very unique world-class timepiece that is destined to become a family heirloom.

Shipments to civilian addresses in EU Nations, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand will incur a $20 - $25 shipping charge.

Purchase Orient Military - Titanium, Automatic, Black Dial

  • Part Number: CEM58001-Blk
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