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Self Defense Armory

MOLLE Lower Rig w/Holster & Dbl Mag Pouch

$51.97 $39.99 -- Complete lower rig. Available in Coyote Tan, Black, OD Green or Army Digital ACU.

Purchase MOLLE Lower Rig w/Holster & Dbl Mag Pouch

MOLLE Lower Rig w/Holster & Dbl Mag Pouch ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Using the drop down menu above, select from Coyote Tan, Black, OD Green or Army ACU Digital then Add to Cart.

To see this drop rig fully configured, click the picture to the right.

This is a complete package. A lower MOLLE drop rig, a holster that functions perfectly for left or right handers, and a double pistol mag pouch. The mag pouch has reversed velcro closures that face the inside of the platform for maximum magazine and ammo security. This gets your weapon off your belt or MOLLE vest.

All parts are manufactured with military spec 600 denier nylon so they are completely resistant to moisture, mildew and rotting. The lower leg platform has quick release delrin buckles on the leg straps as well as a quick release delrin buckle on the drop strap. The top drop loop fits all military pistol belts, heavy duty BDU belts and rigger's belts. As with everything on this rig, it is double-wrapped velcro to prevent weapon loss while in combat conditions or crowded environments.

This is no stripped down model. It also has silicone prints on the leg straps to keep the rig from sliding around on your leg. Some higher priced models don't have that feature.

If you've seen the prices of holsters and lower leg rigs, you can easily pay much more for not only a complete rig, but sometimes just a holster alone.

The holster is not fancy, but it is highly functional but most importantly it maintains maximum weapon security with a number of features. A flap covers the working end of the weapon, but can be opened with one pull of the flap closure with one hand, and it can be done with gloves on, which cannot be said for much more expensive holsters. Additionally, there is a internal strap that can also be used optionally to retain the weapon in addition to the flap for maximum weapon security. This is a very flexible and highly functional rig.

The unique ambidextrous design of the holster does not require switching around gear to make it function for left-handed personnel. Simply put it on the lower rig and position the weapon into the holster with the butt facing in the appropropriate position for left or right handed personnel. The holster will work with any government issue semi-auto including 9mm and the .45 Colt 1911A1. It will also work with small to medium caliber (.38/.357 Magnum) revolvers of similar length. The holster is fitted with a non-rusting metal drain grommet.

With the holster and double pistol pouch in place on the drop platform there is additional room for another small MOLLE utility pouch just below the double mag pouch.

The whole package, complete in either Coyote Tan, Army ACU Digital, OD or Black is priced right and we pay the shipping to U.S or APO/FPO addresses. This combo package is priced more than 20% lower than if purchased separately.

Imported and supported with a full one year warranty from our U.S. based supplier.

Purchase MOLLE Lower Rig w/Holster & Dbl Mag Pouch


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