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Self Defense Armory

Military Sling Pack w/Concealed Wpn Compartment

$74.99 -- Select from ACU

Purchase Military Sling Pack w/Concealed Wpn Compartment

Military Sling Pack w/Concealed Wpn Compartment SHIPPING IS FREE TO U.S. AND APO/FPO ADDRESSES. SELECT COLOR FROM THE DROP DOWN MENU ABOVE THEN ADD TO CART. Check your full delivered price. While others may charge less, they'll charge $15 to $20 for delivery charges or more plus handling charges. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It's not often a new concept in backpacks hits the market. But the Sling Pack is probably the highest demand backpack for military personnel stationed in the Middle East right now. It replaces the traditional backpack with two shoulder straps, which let's face it, just gets downright uncomfortable after a full day of wear. The old style is difficult to remove quickly and places too much strain on the spinal column, shoulders and back muscles. And, the most difficult aspect of a traditional dual shoulder strap backpack is that it restricts movement, particularly when engaged in a firefight. Getting the weapon to the shoulder is just not easy as it restricts the upward mobility of your arms. The only relief available is taking it off. Then what ?!? This is also an ideal solution to vehicle patrol crews, particularly for patrolling in an armored-up HMV. The sling pack concept allows movement in and out of the vehicle quickly without removing your pack. Since the sling pack is off to one side, it just makes sense for HMV patrols. The sling pack uses a single heavily padded single shoulder strap that can be worn over the left or right hand shoulder keeping maximum mobility of your trigger arm. It includes a quick release waist belt to keep it secure and close into your body. It can be quickly and easily removed, and, if on LRP assignments, can be switched between left and right for comfort. By using a sling pack an additional hydration carrier and bladder can be worn on the back of your vest allowing upwards to six liters of water. (One on your back, the other in your sling pack) Or, if you prefer you can add a smaller butt pack for personal or non-essential gear while on patrol. It is hydration bladder compatible with a hydration bladder compartment. (hydration bladder sold separately. See below) It has internal mesh pockets in the main compartment for easy visibility of items. It includes a concealed handgun pocket with velcro padding so the weapon can be secured within the pocket and easily accessible when needed quickly. A specially designed handgun holster/carrier, model UH-1, is available below for purchase separately. The holder is not included on this item. It includes two outer storage pockets. MOLLE straps are positioned for additional pouches on the outside rear and sides. The inside of the pack where it rests against you is heavily padded and ventilated. Produced from heavy duty 600 Denier nylon, it will never rot or mildew from moisture. It has plenty of room for a couple of days in the field and is the preferred design of personnel on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is 13" H x 18" W x 7" D. This item is shipped free of shipping or handling charges to U.S. and APO/FPO addresses.

Purchase Military Sling Pack w/Concealed Wpn Compartment

  • Part Number: 140

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