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Self Defense Armory

M208 Aviator, Flash Mirror Lenses, Gun Metal Frame

$19.99 -- Flash Mirror Lenses over Gray Tint, Spring Hinge.

Purchase M208 Aviator, Flash Mirror Lenses, Gun Metal Frame

M208 Aviator, Flash Mirror Lenses, Gun Metal Frame In the tradition of our very popular M1030 Mirrored Aviators we introduce the M208 Spring Hinge Mirrored Aviator. Pictured to the right is the flat black frame version. Also included is our black padded case.

Let's first go over the mirroring. The picture does not really do a good job of showing off the flash mirrored lenses. This is not a full mirror like the M1030. It is also not a light flash silver mirror like our M1030DRL driving aviators. They really fall somewhere in between. It is obvious they are mirrored, but it is not a full reflective mirror. The mirroring helps to reflect glare and, because it is a metallic coating, it helps protect the exterior of the lenses from scratches. So if you like the benefits of mirrored lenses, but don't like full reflective mirroring, this is the model for you.

The lens size is very traditional. They run 2 1/8" tall by 2 3/8" wide. The lens tint is a non-color distorting gray which keeps colors true. The lens thickness is the same as our M1030, which is 2.0mm making them suitable as shooting glasses or participating in sports where lens intrigrity is critical. The lenses offer full UV-400 ultra-violet ray protection. The lens shape is a very traditional egg shape or "droop" lens made popular during and after WW II by U.S. aviators.

The frame is a gun metal. Very nicely done, very unobtrusive and very good looking. The frames are produced from silver-nickel alloy for long term durability. The nose pads are adjustable and self-adjusting as well. The temple ends (arms) are matte black. The spring hinges guarantee a comfortable fit on most every facial structure and size.

We package the M208 in our black padded case with belt loop. It has a velcro closure to secure the glasses.

If you like the aviator design, but don't like all the shiny chrome and gold frames or full mirrored lenses, this is a very nice low-key but classy package with a quality case included.

Shipping is free to U.S. and APO/FPO addresses.

Purchase M208 Aviator, Flash Mirror Lenses, Gun Metal Frame

  • Part Number: M208-SGM
  • INCLUDED: Padded Case

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