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Humvee Night Vision Monocular w/IR

$299.00 $249.47 -- Lightweight and Compact with Embedded IR Illuminator

Purchase Humvee Night Vision Monocular w/IR

Humvee Night Vision Monocular w/IR Our Humvee Night Vision Monocular operates on 2 AAA batteries. This unit is cost effective, almost palm-sized for compact lightweight carry. Weighs 11 oz. It is approximately 6.5" in length, about 2" wide and 3" tall. It fits in most military BDU pockets.

If you need a compact night vision device for periodic spotting that is simple to use and cost effective, the Humvee night vision monocular fills the bill.

This unit comes with 2X magnification and is effective upwards to 150 meters at night.

The Humvee night vision monocular is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand not unlike a very small digital camcorder.

The main power button shuts down power automatically when your finger is removed. Directly next to the main power is the embedded IR illuminator button for use where no ambient background light exists e.g. no moon or stars due to heavy overcast conditions. The button activates a small infrared lamp that has surprising range.

If you have the need for a night vision device but are unwilling to pay two or three times the cost of our Humvee night vision scope, you've come to the right place. We will even ship it to your U.S. or APO/FPO address free of shipping or handling charges.

Includes wrist strap, removable neck strap, attached lens cover, and black padded case with belt loops.

Do not confuse this product with other Humvee products such as their "night vision binoculars" that sells for about $20. Despite advertisements, that model is not a true electronic night vision device. The Humvee Night Vision Pocket Scope is a true night vision device with a fully self-contained electrically powered Infrared Illuminator for full night operations and extreme low light conditions.

Helpful Tips for Using the Humvee Night Vision Monocular:

- Like all night vision devices, never expose the IR illuminator to daytime light. Always keep it in the case, or with the included lens cap in place covering the lens to prevent permanent and un-repairable damage to the IR illuminator.

- If activation of the the embedded IR illuminator is required, removing your finger from the button will automatically shut power off to the illuminator. There will be some after-glow for a period of a few minutes after power is shut off as the IR electronics disipates power. Do not be concerned. This is normal and the power is off. Simply put the permanently attached lens cap back on the lens or put it into the belt case.

- Treat your Humvee night scope like your digital camera. Drops to hard pavement can cause damage. Dirt and dust can cause malfunctions if not properly cleaned after exposure to harsh environments.

- Only activiate the embedded IR in extreme low light conditions, such as heavy overcast with no other sources of light in the area.

- Exposure of bright lights or daylight to the IR receiver within the scope can cause permanent damage that cannot be repaired.

Due to the nature of this product, it is not returnable for refunds. We will refund or replace this unit for factory defects within the 90 day warranty period. Damage to the IR electronic components due improper use not in accordance with the operating instructions that come with the unit is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

HUMVEE Nite Vision Monocular is manufactured under a license agreement by AM General, supplier to U.S. military armed forces and manufacturer of HUMVEE all-purpose military combat vehicles. HUMVEE is a registered trademark of AM General.

Purchase Humvee Night Vision Monocular w/IR

  • Part Number: Nite Vision

    Category: Humvee Products / Humvee Optics

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