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Blue Mirror "Skinny" Aviator w/Clamshell Case and MFiber Pouch, Leash

$49.99 -- U.S. Z80.3 Protection and CE Approved for Europe

Purchase Blue Mirror "Skinny" Aviator w/Clamshell Case and MFiber Pouch, Leash

Blue Mirror "Skinny" Aviator w/Clamshell Case and MFiber Pouch, Leash This is our deluxe package that includes a soft touch hard clamshell case, microfiber pouch/cleaning cloth and adjustable leash. This makes a great gift of optical quality designer eyewear at a "won't-break-the-bank" price. Our new BSA-003 "Skinny Aviator" is designed and manufactured exclusively for SDA by our tactical eyewear manufacturer. It doesn't look tactical? No, this is a real departure for SDA and our manufacturer. We wanted a product that was well built, sturdy, lightweight and built to certain standards not generally found in designer type leisure eyewear. We also wanted it to withstand the rigors of sporting activities. So, who says you have to look like you're on a tactical mission to get designer eyewear style that protects your eyes? Let's start with the frame. The frame front is designed for small to medium head sizes. But, if you have a larger head size and like smaller lenses and frame sizes the spring hinge design will not feel like you attached a vise grip to your head. The frame is superbly finished in a silver satin finish. That's the hottest trend right now in both eyewear and oddly enough, car paint finishes. It has just enough reflectivity to give a slight glint, but not a polished chrome look. It's very refined and elegant. The frame itself is manufactured to optical quality standards. That means that it is held together with screws, and not self-tapping screws. All connection points for the spring hinges and temple arms are drilled and tapped (threaded) then screwed together. There are no stamped or riveted connections. This is a very high quality pair of frames in both construction and finish. The frame front width temple-to-temple is 4 3/4", just slightly under 5", so this is a narrow design giving it almost a classic kind of style to it. The lenses are 1 3/8" tall by 2 1/8" wide at the outermost point. The bayonet style aviator temple arms are extremely slender making this one of the lightest metal frame sunglasses we have ever offered. It is lighter than most polymer frame sunglasses and lighter than traditional aviators. At the end of each temple arm is a rubber insert to help keep your sunglasses secure. The lenses are manufactured from ballistic polycarbonate and are 1.8 millimeters thick. That's pretty good for a pair of leisure sunglasses. Most combat sunglasses start at 2.0 millimeters. The beauty of ballistic polycarbonate is the smaller the surface area of the lens, the more resilient the lens becomes to penetration of foreign objects. The underlying lens tint is a combination of smoke and green, also known as "All American Green." This was the traditional color used on standard aviator sunglasses for decades. It offers excellent visual acuity without distorting colors. The lens to frame fit is excellent and with a 1.8 lens thickness, the lens will not flex causing the frame to distort over time. In other words a lens just won't fall out of the frame one day for no apparent reason. The mirroring is multiple coats of blue silver oxide giving it a full reflective blue mirror and added filtration from glare. When worn outdoors, eyes are completely hidden because of the mirroring. And, here's the good news: These lenses comply with Z80.3 U.S. standards for ultra-violet ray protection as well as impact protection. Our Skinny Aviators meet CE requirements for Europe and the frame is marked accordingly with both Z80.3 and CE approvals. The nose pads are soft silicone and are self-adjusting for a comfortable fit. Combined with the soft self-adjusting pads and lightweight design of the frame, our Skinny Aviator can be worn all day with maximum comfort with no fear of nose pads digging into your nose. The price you see is our introductory price for this fine pair of sunglasses. Not only is it a skinny design, it's a skinny price for this level of craftsmanship. We squeezed the daylights out of the pricing with a large factory run, so we've got a pile of these available. It will come with our hard, very compact, clamshell case for storage or packing away without fear of damage. We also include a microfiber carrying pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth. It's very convenient when you're on the go. Simply fold the carrying pouch and slip it in your pant or shirt pocket. When you slip into a restaurant or indoors, just slide the sunglasses into your pouch and stick it into your shirt pocket, purse or lay it on the table. Your sunglasses are protected from damage and lens scratching. For sporting activities we include a fully adjustable leash that slips over the temple ends. It has an adjusting nut that allows you to snug the glasses up so they don't take flight when your team scores a touchdown. As for the price, it's an introductory offer for sure. It may seem a little pricey, but here's the kicker. We don't charge shipping or handling charges. The price you see is the price delivered to your door. And frankly, when you receive your order, you'll no doubt agree this is a hot deal when compared to pricier brands out there. This is one of those products that you'll find comparable quality and finish selling for $60, $80 or even $100 or more. We know of a similar design, at least in looks, not necessarily at our high quality standards, which sells for well over $100 with less features. We think you'll like the quality and agree that this price is a bargain. And, if you don't like your Skinny Aviators, return it shipping prepaid and we will refund your purchase price in full. Remember, this is a smaller frame. Women and men with smaller head sizes who got a glimpse of this in the prototype stage absolutely gushed over it because of its size. This was particularly so of slender heads and smaller women. They like the blue mirror design without looking "bug-eyed" as they call it by having to wear traditionally sized aviators. If you have a large head (top end of the medium size to large) the lenses will generally only extend out to the outside edge of your orbital socket. If you have a large head and like that look, go for it. If you are at the top end of full size heads with broad features, we don't recommend this for you. It may be too small for your facial structure. But if you are uncertain, simply measure your head, temple-to-temple in a mirror with ruler and compare it to the face front of this model, which is 4 3/4" to get an idea of how this will fit your face.

Purchase Blue Mirror "Skinny" Aviator w/Clamshell Case and MFiber Pouch, Leash

  • Part Number: BSA-003

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