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The Facts About Lens Fogging

Is there such a thing as "fog-proof" goggles direct from the factory?  Unfortunately there is not.  But, there is a way to get from here to there and achieve the results you want.

Most all manufacturers apply an anti-fog hardcoat to the inside of their lenses.  The hardcoat, under certain circumstances, can be totally adequate to prevent or minimize fogging.  This is particularly so in lower humidity environments or windy conditions which allow air to pass over the lenses through the goggle venting system.  However, in high humidity environments, or when there is significant physical exertion and little air passing across the lenses from the goggle vents, in more cases than not, they will fog to the point of completely obstructing the wearer's vision.

Not only is this an annoyance, in certain situations it can be life threatening, particularly in combat operations.

There are several products on the market, and just as many home remedies that can help to reduce fogging.  But after reviewing several products and trying just about every home remedy you can imagine, and then some, there really is only one product that we found that gets the job done.  Not only does it get the job done, it is absolutely the only product or remedy that we tried that eliminates ALL fogging in every environmental condition.  Whether it was high humidity, cold to hot, hot to cold, holding lenses directly over a steam spout, no matter what the conditions or exertion level worn by the user, not once did this product fail to keep the lenses clear.

The product is called FogTech.  This stuff is light years ahead of anything else out there.  It's new, but I have to tell you, once everyone finds out about this stuff, it is going to put some companies out of business.  It works on every lens including polarized lenses, lenses with anti-glare coatings, polycarbonate, CR39, and glass, including any lenses cut for prescriptions.  This is important because lenses with hardcoats tend not to accept anti-fog coatings, meaning you can't get an even coating across the lens because the anti-fog coating tends to bead up on the lenses.   In the end, only a portion of the lens ends up getting coated and the rest of it just fogs up into a mess.  Additionally, prescription lenses are NOT anti-fog coated.  If you think a standard anti-fog coated factory lens fogs up quickly, you haven't seen anything until you try a prescription lens.  In the right environment, they'll fog up in seconds rendering them virtually unusable.

The number of customers we have heard back from on this new product is frankly quite unbelievable.  There are people out there that have tried just about every product available and none of them perform to the level of FogTech.

If you need "fog-proof" lenses, trust me on this one.  FogTech will do for you what no other product can.  And, once you've tried it, you will never be without it or bother trying another product.  It's that simple.  Once someone buys it, it sells itself in repeat business and word-of-mouth.

So, whether you ride bikes, fight wars on the ground or in the air, or work SWAT, you need this product.  We guarantee if you are not satisfied with FogTech, just return the unused portion of your order and we will give you a full 100% refund of your purchase... no questions asked.  

You can find FogTech and customer testimonials at: Fog Tech Wipes