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How to Enter an APO or FPO
Military Address on Our System

Entering an APO or FPO address can be a daunting task.  Software companies haven't done a great job of figuring out how to do this properly, but we will make it as simple as possible for you.

If the instructions below don't make any sense, don't worry.  We have a "Just Punt" method.  The most important information we need is your:

Unit I.D. or, if you are assigned one, your Box number.
Unit Identification Code (UIC) if you are assigned one.
And, just as important as your name and unit address, we need your zip code.

If we can get those four things on your order, in any order, in any location fields, we can figure out whether you are an APO or FPO location, and whether your secondary military location is an AP, AE or AA.  So if nothing else works and you can't figure out the instructions below, just get the info into what fields are available in the "ship to" fields when checking out and we will fix your address so that it appears properly on your order and shipping label.  If you want to make sure, after entering what information you can, just put your address in the comments section on the order confirmation page and we will fix it your APO/FPO address.

You will be given address fields to fill in after selecting your items and clicking the "CHECK OUT" button.  You can enter either your "bill to" or "ship to" address in these fields.  Your "bill to" address is the location of where you receive your monthly credit card statement.  Our system verifies the bill to address with your card company in order to keep fraudulent use of cards to a minimum.  You can enter either address first then at the bottom select  whether this is your preferred "billing" or "shipping address".  If both your billing and shipping are the same, check both boxes and you are done entering your address.  If they are different, you will be taken to a second page to enter the other address after filling out the first.

To enter your APO or FPO address follow the instructions below.  If you have a printer handy, you might want to print this out or open a separate window for this page so you can refer to it as you enter your address.

  If you want to, or are required to, enter your rank in front of your first name if so desired.

PHONE:  Our system requires a phone number.  If you don't have a number overseas, enter your U.S. phone number at home if you have one.  If not, enter any phone number so you can move on.

EMAIL ADDRESS:  This is a required field.  We need it in case we need to contact you about your order.  We don't sell it or send you trash mail.  We keep this information confidential.

ADDRESS 1: Some of you have two lines of address information.  First might be your unit ID or unit ID number or, if you are a civilian contractor, it might be the company you are working for or it may be the Embassy location if you are on Embassy duty.  Enter that information here.

ADDRESS 2: If you have a second line to your address such as a UIC number or Military Box number, enter it in the ADDRESS 2 line.  If not, leave it blank.

CITY:  Enter either APO or FPO per your mailing address.  That's all you enter in the city location.  No AE, AA or AP or any other information, just APO or FPO.

STATE:  Select the state drop down menu.  If your APO or FPO address is:

  AA - Select "Armed Forces Americas"
  AE - Select "Armed Forces Europe/Middle East/Canada"
  AP - Select "Armed Forces Pacific"

Our system will automatically convert your selection to the appropriate AA, AE or AP address which you will get to see on the order confirmation page.

ZIP CODE: Enter your zip code.  This is VERY important.  If we don't get that, we can't ship your order.

COUNTRY: Let it default to "United States" .  United States will not appear on your shipping address which you will see on the next page to confirm the information you entered.

You can select whether your address is a residential or business address.  It doesn't matter for an APO or FPO address.  Select either one.

If you want to create a password to access our system at a later date, you can enter the information in this next section of the address page.

You can now move on to the next page and confirm the information entered and enter your payment method.  Or, if your ship to and billing address is different, you can enter that information on the next page, then move on to the confirmation page.  When you get to the confirmation page, if the shipping address doesn't look right, you can enter your address free-form in the comments section just make sure.  But, as long as we have your name, unit information and zip code, we will fix it for you before we ship your order.  We've gotten real good at deciphering and fixing military APO/FPO addresses.  And, if all else fails, we'll send you an email asking for your address by return email.

So, don't worry.  We fix APO/FPO addresses every day and have done it thousands upon thousands of times.  We verify the address on every APO or FPO order.  So don't get concerned if you didn't get it quite right.  We won't send your order into the Iraqi postal system which is guaranteed to never show up.  We have this process down to a science.

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