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S&W Tactical Watches, Wiley X Combat Eyewear,
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About Self-Defense Armory
And Security of Your Private Information

Who is Self-Defense Armory?

Self-Defense Armory is a veteran owned privately held company.  We specialize in ballistic eyewear, prescription ballistic eyewear, motorcycle protective eyewear, and other products specifically designed for military and law enforcement personnel.

Our customer base includes civilians, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and law enforcement officers including members of the U.S. Secret Service and FBI, as well as military personnel stationed around the world.  We also ship to all military branches and U.S. government agencies worldwide including directly to Afghanistan and Iraq daily.

I'm concerned about secure delivery and theft from our mail room or mail box.  Do you disguise your name on shipments to prevent theft?
We do not use "Self-Defense Armory" on our shipping labels, nor are our boxes marked in any way with our company name.  We recognized quite some time ago that our name can be an invitation to theft, so advertising on the outside of a box is not something we do.  About the only thing you will see is our return address and "SDA" on the shipping label.

How safe is it to order online with SDA?  Can someone steal my credit card information?
We use the latest secure technology.  Our order entry system is 128 Key SSL encrypted, and based on current standards, 128 key encryption has never been hacked.  In fact, it is so secure, the U.S. government prohibited 128 key encryption enabled browsers from being exported out of the U.S. and have in the past asked for back door access to conduct criminal investigations because not even they, with all their resources, had the capability to break the encryption code.  However, there are ways credit card information can be compromised.
  • Sending credit card information by email is very dangerous.  Email is not secure, so never send credit card numbers to anyone by email.
  • Ordering over an unsecured network.  Look at the lower right hand or left hand side of your browser prior to entering personal data online.  You should see what looks like a small padlock in the locked position.  If it is unlocked or missing, STOP.  You may be entering information on a site that is not encrypted.
  • Unsecured paperwork.  Some companies still make a hard copy of information for a file cabinet.  Why they do this is a complete mystery.  It is no longer necessary to make a copy of your private credit card information for a file cabinet.  Who knows how many people have access to the file cabinet.  We do not keep a hard copy of your credit card information in a file cabinet.  Information stored in that manner compromises the security of your private information.
  • Usecured local PCs and servers? Some companies allow employees to download information to local servers or desktops, either knowingly or unknowingly, in order to process your order and payment, or store your information locally on a hard disk.  Information stored outside of the secure system is subject to access by people that have no business seeing your private information.  There is no reason to download to a local disk at someone's workstation.  Who knows who has access to the information and, if the PC is networked, how secure is the network compared to the encrypted order entry system?  Quite often PC level storage of data is not secure.  Companies that follow strict security measures do not allow customer data, especially credit card information, to be downloaded to local servers or local PCs.
  • Know who you are doing business with.  A study conducted by credit card companies in early 2005 found that consumers are far less likely to have their credit card number stolen conducting online business than when conducting business with traditional businesses like stores, restaurants etc.  The conclusion was that online business is a safer way to conduct business providing the business is conducted over a secure website.  (Look for that locked padlock).  UPDATE: Online secure ordering was again reconfirmed in November 2005 when using a debit card.  Debit card fraud is up, but not because of online business activity.  It seems the fraud is happening at traditional walk-in businesses where employees have been found stealing debit/credit card numbers as they process your payment.  Ultimately, those numbers are used to purchase items fraudulently on the internet.  It is unfortunate.  The vast majority of card number thefts happen in traditional businesses, but the end result is that the victim assumes that something went wrong on a previous internet purchase, which has proven not to be the case in the vast majority of card number thefts.
Your credit card information is never downloaded from our encrypted system, either on paper or to a local server, and information cannot be downloaded to a local desktop computer.  If common sense policies and security systems were in place at every company, stealing credit card information would be virtually impossible from an online retailer.  We take great pride in our security measures and processes.  This is one area where money is no object and we spend a substantial sum to maintain secure systems.  In fact, our online order entry system is as secure as some of the largest online corporations in the world. (See below)  We cannot afford to run our business in any other manner.  But, even with all that, there is one more area that poses a risk to the online buyer.  How many people have access to your data on the secure system?

We have a security hierarchy that limits who can actually see a credit card number on our system.  Right now, that is limited to two people in our company, the owner of the company and the person in finance who handles credit card processing.  If you decide to  phone your order in, our customer service reps will enter your credit card information into our encrypted system, and once entered, they no longer have access to the credit card data, nor does anyone else in the company with the exception of two noted above.

Finally, we use Verisign SSL 128 Key Encrypted services to securely process credit card transactions.  93% of the Fortune 500 companies use Verisign and 94% of the top fifty largest e-commerce businesses in the world use Verisign.  We are in good company but we wouldn't have it any other way.  We use Verisign because they are simply the best at what they do.

The bottom line is this:  We have never had a security breach of customer data because we very carefully manage our business so that it can't happen.  Additionally, we employ a few other security measures that we can't talk about online that absolutely guarantees that if someone internally attempts to try and access credit card data on our secure system, we spot it immediately.  And again, there isn't a file cabinet in the place or a PC that has credit card information on it.  We take the security of your data very seriously.  And, as you can tell by this discertation, we aren't bashful about telling you either.  It's important to us and no doubt it's even more important to you as well.  Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now.  Order online on our site.  You can feel 100% confident that it is safe and secure.

Do you stock the items listed on your site?
Yes, we are an authorized stocking dealer for every item we sell.  We do not purchase items through a gray market and we do not drop ship items as a normal course of business.  Occasionally, on a large order in order to expedite delivery, we may have the manufacturer ship direct.  This is particularly so if there are a large number of items needed very quickly, particularly in situations where military units have little time before leaving on reassignment.  As a general statement, some number far less than 1% of the orders we process are drop shipped.

Can I order something and have it shipped to someone else?
You most certainly can.  You can even include a personal message for gift items that will appear in the body of paperwork.  Just fill in the "Ship To" field with the shipping location during checkout.  Prices will not appear on the shipping documents for orders shipped to other locations and differing name.  We can ship to any U.S. location including Alaska and Hawaii and all APO/FPO military addresses worldwide.

Do you have a print catalog?
No, we never have and probably never will.  Catalogs are expensive to print and expensive to mail.  Most mailings end up in the trash.  Our catalog of items is online only.  It keeps our costs down and in turn keeps prices down to our customers. 

Do you really ship orders with no shipping costs?
One reason we offer free shipping is because we keep our costs down and employ significant amounts of automation with a state-of-the-art online order entry system.  Customers want a fair price and no surprise shipping charges or handling fees.  While our competition will charge anywhere from $6.00 to $15.00 on a simple one item order and go up from there, our shipping charges are ZERO regardless of the dollar amount of your order or how many items you purchase.  Our free shipping offer not only extends across the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii, there are no shipping charges to APO or FPO military addresses either.  Just select the "Best Method" shipping option during checkout.  You will receive your order generally in 2 - 7 days  depending on your location in the U.S. and about 10-15 days to APO/FPO points worldwide.  Expedited shipping for a reasonable price by Fed Ex or Express service from the postal system is available as a selection during checkout. for U.S. delivery addresses.  We also ship to EU Nations, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa at reasonable shipping rates.

Will I get e-mail from you people after I place an order and do you sell my personal information such as my email, phone number or mailing address to other companies?
You will receive only two e-mails from us.  One confirming your order once it is on our system, and the second email is when your order is shipped, which will be your copy of the invoice that was charged to your credit card.  That's it.  We don't send e-mails for any other reason.  We feel if we did our job properly, you'll come back, we shouldn't have to bug you by filling up your inbox.

We definitely don't sell e-mail addresses, or any other customer data to other companies including addresses or phone numbers.  We consider that information to be highly sensitive and a breach of ethics to sell or distribute your private information.

We thank you for considering Self-Defense Armory and enjoy your shopping experience with us.  We promise it will be to your complete satisfaction.

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