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If you prefer, you have the option of using Paypal's system to make your payment using your credit or debit card or, to pay from your checking account using an electronic check instead of using your debit card.  Here's how:

If you do not have a Paypal account:

During the checkout process, you have the option of entering your credit card information on our 128 key encrypted system.  We use Verisign as our payment processor.  Verisign is the largest and used by well over 90% of the top100 largest online stores in the world so you can be certain it is secure.  You may also select Paypal as your payment processor.   After your order is placed on our system, and you have selected the Paypal payment option, you will be taken to the Paypal system to make your payment using either Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.  It can be either a credit card or debit card.  You can also pay from your checking account using an electronic check.

Paypal is a payment processing company that allows you to use a credit card or, registering your checking account to send electronic checks using Paypal instead of using a credit or debit card.  If you do not have a current Paypal account to process a payment through your checking account using an electronic check, do not select Paypal as your payment method.   You must first establish a Paypal account and, in some cases, that may take a couple of days before it is activated if you intend to use an electronic transfer from your checking account.  Once activated you may then use Paypal to purchase products from us and tens-of-thousands of online stores worldwide making the payment directly from your checking account via an electronic check or your credit/debit card.  You do not need a Paypal account to use a debit or credit card.  Just follow the instructions during checkout.  For more information about Paypal, please click here: ABOUT PAYPAL

Using Paypal as your payment processor:

The only negative aspect of using Paypal is your credit/debit card is immediately charged after placing your order online, regardless of when your order will ship by the retailer.  In rare cases when items may be in short supply due to high demand and on backorder by the manufacturer, payment is made using Paypal immediately but the order shipment may be delayed for a period of time.  Generally, most retailers do not charge customer credit cards until the item is available for shipment, usually the same day, or within 24 to 48 hours or less prior to shipment for weekend orders.  Please bear this in mind when using Paypal as your payment processor.  Some assume the retailer has charged your credit card using Paypal.  The retailer does not charge your card when you use Paypal as the payment processor.  Paypal processes the charge automatically when you place your order online.  Retailers have no control over when the payment will be processed by Paypal.

When you placed your order online on our site and after selecting Paypal as your payment method, you will be taken to the Paypal website and information about your order is automatically transferred to Paypal in order to process your payment.  This is a seamless process because we are a registered retailer with Paypal.  You do not need to use Paypal's "Send Money" feature independent of the order you have placed on our site.  Once you have completed processing your payment with Paypal, you will be returned to our site.

You will receive two confirmations by email.  One from us confirming your order has been placed on our system.  The second from Paypal confirming your payment has been made.  If you do not receive a payment confirmation from Paypal, there is a good chance your payment did not process.  We at SDA will see that your order has not been payed by Paypal and we will subsequently cancel your order and let you know that the Paypal payment did not process.  You may then re-enter a new order on our system.  However, if Paypal did not process your payment the first time, it will probably not process the second time around.  There may be something wrong with your Paypal account such as an expired credit/debit card on file or there is an error when you entered new card information when placing the original order.  We recommend using our payment processing system instead or calling your order in using our toll free 800 number.  If there is a problem at that point using your credit card on our system, we will notify you by email. 

Note: We cannot accept orders over the phone if you intend to use Paypal as your payment method.  Paypal is an online payment system and we do not have access to your Paypal account to process a payment over the phone.  If you intend to phone your order in, please have your credit card ready and we will process your order using Verisign's secured payment processing system.

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