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Questions Answered About Over-Glasses Goggles

Why do I Experience Distortion When Wearing Prescription Glasses with my Over-Glasses Goggles?
If you experience distortion when wearing your over-glasses goggles while wearing prescription glasses, there is a very good chance the lenses of your prescription glasses are produced from polycarbonate.  All over-glasses goggles we offer are produced from polycarbonate lenses.  Quite often, when viewing through two layers of polycarbonate, distortion can be experienced.  We recommend that prescription lenses be produced from a polymer called CR-39.  This will eliminate all distortion.

You must specify to your optometrist that your lenses must be CR-39 because you will be wearing polycarbonate over-glasses goggles.  If not, they may produce lenses from polycarbonate assuming 'they know better'.  They will understand your CR-39 requirements once you explain why.

The cost of CR-39 lenses are the same or less than polycarbonate or glass.  If you are experiencing impaired vision we recommend you cease wearing your over-glasses goggles for your own safety until you have your prescription glasses fitted with CR-39 lenses.

Can I Wear Prescription Glasses with Glass Lenses Under my Goggles?
We do not recommend glass lenses.  All our goggles are produced from shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, but shatterproof does not mean puncture or bullet proof.  An object with enough mass and speed can either penetrate the lens or, in some cases, flex the lens with enough force to shatter the glass lenses of your prescription eyewear causing severe eye damage.  CR-39 material, though not as shatter-resistant as polycarbonate, is significantly more durable and less prone to shatter than glass.  Glass is dangerous in  environments where you could be exposed to flying objects.  Never wear glass lenses under your over-glass goggles.

Which model is the most compact over-glass goggles you carry?
The most compact are the Airfoils Over-Glasses Goggles, the All Start Kit and Scorpion Models.  The Airfoils and Scorpion models can be worn over helmets, though the Scorpion model has silicone strips on the band that prevents the band from sliding on the helmet.

All our models are smaller than a lot of snow-ski goggles which can be quite large.  A lot of ski goggles not only cover the eyes buy also cover a substantial portion of the forehead for maximum cold-wind protection.  The Big Ben, Windshield and All-Star Kits along with the Airfoil and Scorpion models cover just above the eye brows.  The Windshield is the largest model that more closely resembles military size dust goggles.

All are produced from lightweight polymers, and because of their relatively small size compared to ski goggles, they are actually very comfortable to wear.

How come my photogray transitional lenses don't darken when wearing my goggles?
Over-glasses goggles are designed to block ultra-violet rays, both UVA and UVB.  Transitional lenses, sometimes called photogrey or auto-light adjusting lenses, require ultra-violet rays in order to activate the darkening process.  Your photogrey lenses will not function when wearing over-glasses goggles.  Your best bet is to order tinted over-glasses goggles to wear with your photogray sunglasses for protection from bright sun, or have a pair of clear prescription glasses for use with your over-glasses goggles.

Can any of these be worn by military personnel?
It depends on your mission.  We have outfitted many military personnel with over-glasses goggles.  However, if you are looking for goggles that meet MIL PRF high velocity impact standards because you are engaged in combat operations and are subject to IED or RPG shrapnel exposure because of your mission, we recommend you purchase a Wiley X, Body Specs or Revision Military prescription eyewear.

Over-glasses goggles are perfect for combat support or support functions.  An example might be construction battalions, combat engineers, airfield operations, water craft operations, or any military function where dust and wind protection is required.  They are also perfectly suitable for most civilian law enforcement SWAT functions.  Most, where noted, meet tough ANSI protection requirements.  But, they are not combat goggles that meet MIL PRF high velocity impact standards required for infantry, transportation companies involved in convoy duties, combat medics/corpmen or military police involved in combat related functions.  You need maximum high velocity shrapnel protection and these goggles, although they will probably function well and produced from the same polycarbonate materials, have not been tested to military high-velocity impact standards.  We cannot recommend these products for those functions.

The best alternative is probably the Wiley X Nerve Goggle with a prescription insert.  It is well built, reasonably priced, compact, durable and comfortable.  Plus, it meets military MIL PRF high velocity impact standards because it is built specifically for combat and tactical operations.  Other prescription eyewear that meet military MIL PRF requirements are available such as the Wiley X SG-1, JP-2 Seal-Tek and XL-1 models.

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